Photoshoot Planning

I have done a variety of different tasks planning for photo shoots. My experience has included mood-boarding for interiors, locations, props, makeup, hair, wardrobe, lighting, and angle explorations. Planning also has included hands-on photographic explorations for possible photo executions, creating shot lists, creating personalized documents for the models, storyboarding for scenes, proposing photographers to use, and more.


The following set of images were shot for the HoloLens portraiture shoot. Under the leadership of my art director, Zoe Cobb, I was tasked to mood-board and plan for this shoot. Zoe gave me a list of areas to research and I created the document to send back to her. She would provide feedback and together, we ended up with a beautiful direction to prepare the Microsoft team for this portraiture shoot.  Zoe then went to direct on-set with the Microsoft and photography teams. 

This shoot created beautiful images that have been used on the Microsoft website, at Microsoft events and across the HoloLens brand.

Here is the full document we created for the direction of this shoot


Post production work

After the retouch was done on the photos, I created a gray background as an alternative to the white backgrounds.

I was the photographer for an in-store HoloLens demonstration day. While there, I was able to snap this photo of one of the portraits printed on the pop-up wall! So rewarding to see the portraits in use!



I have also been on set at a live casting for a shoot. Over 100 models showed up to this casting call and it was a full day of hard work. I was in charge of greeting the models, talking to them on the way back, helping them in to the HoloLens, posing them for headshots, and taking their headshots for the casting document. 

We were casting for about 10 different roles for the shoot. The models physical appearance, actions and mannerisms had to be carefully thought through and taken into consideration when selecting which role they would take.

On set, ready for casting.

On set, ready for casting.

My art director and project manager ready for the shoot day. My station was up at the camera! 

My art director and project manager ready for the shoot day. My station was up at the camera! 

Medical lab researchers




Female developers




Male developer