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My Go-To Ideas for the Seattle Mom

It can be tough to know what to gift your mom, mother-in-law, grandmother or god mother. What do you get someone you love so much, but has a lot of what they need already? In light of Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I have compiled my go-to ideas for the ladies in my life whether its their birthday, Christmas, or I just want to show them I care. 

Locally-based Gifts.

One of my (many) love languages is gift giving. I enjoy showing people I love them by being thoughtful with what I give them. I usually take notes in my mind about past conversations I have had with them, and ask myself a few questions before purchasing a gift.

What do they need or lack? Whats do they love or enjoy?  
What do they use every day? What do they talk about with me often? 

This will be my second Mother's Day with both a mom and mother-in-law to buy for. They obviously are two different people, with different styles, wants and interests; but there are a few items from locally-based companies that would be perfect and meaningful for both. 


Good cause - Glassybaby
This Seattle-based company, sells beautifully crafted glass votives and drinkers. 10% from the sale of every glassybaby is donated to the glassybaby white light fund to help people, animals, and the planet heal. They are handblown so each one has its own unique qualities, and come in more colors than the rainbow. You will always be able to find the perfect one for each personality you are shopping for. 


Giving back with style - Apse Adorn
Apse Adorn is a local accessories label based in Bellingham, WA. They market to the socially conscious woman and man. It is adornment to equip the fighter, the lover and the change maker that is in all of us. They have partnered with 3 pivotal non-profit organizations fighting for freedom, love and unity. With the mission to cultivate a new culture of adornment, Apse gives you the power to choose which cause they donate 10% of all profits to.
These necklaces are perfect if you ever wanted to add a personalized engraving with a special date or initial to them later on. 

 Photos: Apse Adorn Website

Photos: Apse Adorn Website

Local Florists.

Flowers are always a safe bet no matter who you are buying for, and something she is sure to appreciate. There are a ton of great florists in the Seattle area, and you can always hit up the local Safeway...but these are some of my favorite options when buying the perfect, thoughtful bouquet. 


These guys are the real deal, y'all. They recently opened up a shop in Seattle and their work is to die for. Zach bought a custom Valentines Day Bahtoh bouquet for me this year, and it was the most beautiful one I have ever seen! Knowing the arrangement was the only one of its kind, crafted just for me, made it that much more special. Hit them up and get your custom order in for the special lady in your life! (They also do events!) 


Your Local Market
Farmers markets have some of the most beautiful, inexpensive flowers around. You can get a huge bouquet for about $10, or work with them to make a custom one with flowers of your choice. Pike Place is always a fun option, but if you wand to skip the crowds, the Ballard Market and Edmonds Market are two of my favorites! They are open every Saturday morning, so there is still time this weekend! 


Local Sights.

Quality time is another one of my love languages. I think this way of showing someone you care is extremely effective and can be the most meaningful. My mom would much rather spend time together than receive any gift from me. She appreciates me taking time out of my busy schedule specifically for her. Here are some of my favorite ways to spend a day lovin' on my mom! 


Plan a hike
Find a hike that is accessible for both of you and plan a day that works to go! The Washington Trails Association is a perfect place to read up on all the local hikes and see detailed reviews from other hikers. If you or both of you aren't experienced hikers, there are plenty of beginner hikes around the PNW. Deception Pass trail and the Big Four Ice Caves are both beautiful and pretty short walks to the destination.  


Take her to or make brunch for her
I recently introduced my mom to the Seattle brunch scene and instantly changed her life. I bought her, her first "pretty latte" and treated her to some yummy food. Not only did she get this experience, we had a great time catching up and chatting about life together.
If your looking for a more budget friendly option, opt to have her over for a home made breakfast or bring the ingredients to cook for her at her house! She may even want to jump in and teach you a new trick or two! 
We went to Salt and Iron last weekend, a favorite lunch spot of mine in Edmonds. Their brunch instantly became a new all-time favorite!


Schedule a 5k
Whether you run every day or haven't ran in 10 years, 3.1 miles of running or walking beside your mom is FUN! Both my mom and I do not train, nor do we enjoy running.  We have done two 5k's together now and have had a blast both times. Getting colored chalk thrown at you or running through colored bubbles makes the distance a lot more tolerable. This is how we celebrated Mother's Day a week early this year! 


Whatever you end up buying or doing for your mom this weekend, I hope you both have a wonderful day together. Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there! Enjoy YOUR day!