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Ellie Activewear | Heather Lake

Ellie is a subscription box that contains 5 curated workout items. You can sign up for $49.95 per month; but before a box ships, you have 5 days to preview it and confirm your order. You can cancel at anytime or skip a month if you don't like what's been selected for that particular box!

I received Ellie's May box which contained a sports bra, razorback tank, drawstring tote, ankle-length leggings, a workout arm wallet, and a three piece hand therapy set. The leggings for the May box featured the same purple color scheme but varied in print styles. This means if you and a friend ordered the May box, you may end up with different prints - what a fun way to show off your #squadgoals.  

The Leggings

The material of the leggings this month is super soft, warm, but very breathable. The mesh inserts and contrasting panels are super fun, but not too crazy. I'm someone who only buys BLACK leggings, so I loved mixing it up a bit! It feels nice to get out of the same old thing!

The Sports Bra

My favorite item from the box! The material is soft, the lining is thick and the details are SEXY. This sports bra will go with anything and has full covereage! If you are thinking about buying this month's box - do it for the bra alone. So worth it!

The Tank

I know I keep talking about material, but Ellie is just doing it right. The tank is light-weight, flows nicely and feels nice on your skin. I have a longer torso so this tank fits normal on me, but may fit a little longer on others. I prefer a longer workout shirt, so depending on the style/cut of next month's box, I may order a size up.

The Bag

I carried a second rain jacket, a water bottle and a second pair of Nike's inside... I went an entire hike without even noticing it once. It didn't cut into my arms, the straps weren't irritating, it felt great! Plus its black and will go with anything!

The Gear

I am not one who normally buys myself workout "gear." I have never thought about wearing an arm wallet for my phone, but I already know this will come in handy at some point. My mom and I are running in the Color Run this coming Saturday so I will definitely be giving it a try! The hand therapy set is another thing I never would have bought for myself, but now that I have it I love it! I plan on bringing one of the balls to work to grip in my downtime. Gear isn't something I normally think about buying, so Ellie makes it easy on me! 

The Hike.

I put this Ellie outfit to the test by hiking 6 miles round trip to Heather Lake, WA.
Located just shy of the Mt. Pilchuck trail head, sits the Heather Lake parking lot. As we expected, the trail was pretty wet from the amount of rainfall we have had recently. The rain, combined with water runoff and streams throughout the trail, made for a very slick and muddy way up to the top for us. The hike was more difficult than it would have been otherwise due to these conditions. If you are wanting to bring the kiddos along on this one - wait until the dry summer months for a more family-friendly trail difficulty.
When we reached a higher elevation, we were surprised with a few feet of snow still left on the ground. There were a couple of times Zach and I started to sink! It was cold, a bit tricky, but so worth the views of the half frozen Heather Lake surrounded by its mountain peaks.
Thank you, Ellie for such durable, comfortable and stylish activewear!! It kept me warm through mud, snow and a little bit of rain. I can't wait to get more use out of my May box!